Brian Patrick Butler in Assumption (2017)

Assumption playing at OIFF this week and Horrible Imaginings next month!

Assumption is a deep psychological thriller tailored for lovers of drama and horror. Brian performed in this film alongside Cortney Palm and Kylie Young. He also edited the film, which features rich cinematography from Luke Pensabene and masterful direction from Anthony Leone and. In addition, Assumption features a chilling score by R. Kim Shultz and gripping sound design from Lucas Clyde. Earlier this year, it scored third place at the first annual Screen With Screams Film Festival.

Oceanside International Film Festival 2017

Assumption will be screening this Thursday, August 10th at the Sunshine Brooks Theatre during the Oceanside International Film FestivalAssumption will screen fourth, followed by “The Black Ghiandola,” the fourth project by Make A Film Foundation and written by the late Anthony Conti. Johnny Depp, Laura Dern, JK Simmons and David Lynch starred while Sam Raimi and Catherine Hardwicke directed. After the intermission, the feature film “American Satan” will premiere locally, before its theatrical release in October. Ash Avildsen directed and stars include Drake Bell, Malcolm McDowell, Denise Richards and John Bradley. Actress Cortney Palm also performed in American Satan. See the rest of the OIFF 2017 lineup!

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2017

You can also catch Assumption at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival on September 8th as part of the San Diego Creators Spotlight. Hosting the event is the Museum of Photographic arts, in the historic Balboa Park near downtown San Diego. Brian was previously nominated at HIFF two years ago for Best Dramatic Short Film “Hatred.” It was his first film credit for writing and directing. This year, Horrible Imaginings will have special guest actress Dee Wallace in attendance, who will accept the Lifetime Achievement Award. See the rest of the HIFF 2017 lineup!

Here is the official trailer for Assumption: